More Oh dear, oh dear

I have looked into ticket prices to move to the north pole for the rest of the Me Made May challenge and decided it might be cheaper (and healthier for the baby) if I stayed here and actually made a few items to wear for the rest of the challenge.

I think I mentioned a while ago that I am experimenting on the perfect breastfeeding top. I am thinking of a loose double layer top where the bottom one has two slashes for easy access. This is still in progress, I struggled with neatening the edges of the slashes properly and threw it in a corner. In the meantime I decided to order a schnittreif pattern that I had seen on a blog somewhere. When browsing their shop, I bought other patterns too. Some of them are extremely unsuitable for breastfeeding but I guess I will stop at some point.

Anyway, I decided to make first a Frau Emma to see how it goes before I will make the much cooler Usedom. I think, whilst those two might not be the perfect breastfeeding tops, they are at least breastfeeding friendly as they are loose and can just be pulled up. Which is why I made my trial Emma even with a loose hem rather than a ribbing. I started with it last weekend. First, I took my measurements to see which size I’ll need. Let me just say that my measurements have changed slightly over the years, pregnancies and children….

The good news is that all of a sudden, my chest measurements are about the same as my hips. That sounds a lot like an hourglass figure. Which is the ideal female bodyshape in my opinion. So, I am two thirds there. Hurray! Lets have a look at my waist then just to confirm! Oh, the same number! Is the measuring tape broken? No? Hmm. So, what does that make me? A stick? (sounds slightly more flattering than barrel or drum).

Anyway, I made a Frau Emma, size L, using a cheap viscose jersey from Shepherds Bush. It is just a trial but if if works well, it will actually be a nice top.


IMG_4828It is not flattering, that’s for sure. I think I should have made it a size smaller. But the hem is not cool. Easy to pull up the shirt but not cool.

IMG_4835I used contrasting pink for the sleeves and for the hem line seam. The orange of the 80’s skirt looks much cooler. Great, now my 6 years old is cooler than me.

I am also not sure of the neckline.

IMG_4837Actually, I am sure about it. I am sure I don’t like it. It is not the patterns fault. It is me. Maybe I liked it better when made with an even thinner material, possibly woven fabric. The ruffle is too bulky for my liking. But lets move on.

I am usually quite a fan of those loose tops with a stretchy and tight hem. Which seems to be called “bubble hem”. Right. So I quite like bubble hem tops. Except that they are always a bit short and keep coming up. Which is bad in combination with those low waist trousers. I don’t like them. They expose my kidneys to cold draft. I am an old, uncool woman. I don’t like that. I want warm and cosy kidneys. (I have recently invested in two Japanese belly warmers. They are nice. But I would just prefer long enough shirts and high enough waistlines. )

Anyway, I thought, I might give it a go and just cut a hole into the existing hemline to insert an elastic.

IMG_4845Not too bad from the front.

IMG_4844But still too much material at the back. Which I take as a definite sign for a size too big.

As I was experimenting and the shirt was now in a rather unexciting state, I wanted to take it a step further and replaced the existing hemline with a wide-ish stretch jersey to make it more jumperlike. This would have been one of the initial options of the pattern anyway. Except that there would have been a cutting line about 6cm higher than my hemline. I decided to just cut off those two cm where I had stitched the hem to make it longer.

I measured the needed width by putting it actually around my hips. I needed to really stretch it when I stitched it to the grey fabric.

IMG_4865Which doesn’t look great as you can see.  Another sign that large was actually  a size too big for me. Thankfully.

Normally I wouldn’t wear it like this. It is not meant to look like a mini dress. So:IMG_4851 IMG_4853The back still looks wrong. And actually it is too long now. Ha, who would have thought. I’ll leave it as it is for now. But it will probably still only be something I want to wear at home or to exercise.

If I used the pattern again, then definitely size M and with a waistband. But to be honest, I am not sure if the ruffled neckline and I will ever be friends.

Next step will rather be the Usedom. And I guess I will go for size M this time.

For now, I will just quickly put this online. Wow, two posts in one day.

But there is not only Me Made May – in the German blogging world there is RUMS on Thursday, where female bloggers show off what they made for themselves. So I guess, I should always do my MMM posts on a Thursday and link it with RUMS to then see what others have made. Off we go.








Me Made May or Oh dear, oh dear

Yesterday, I read a blog post about Me Made May, a challenge just perfect for me as I often make things for others but not for me. Initially I wanted to participate next year but then I thought, better now and half hearted than forgetting about it (which is what would happen in the deep darkness of my brain, lets face it). It just made me pick up a few things (and thoughts) that I had lost in the piles of work.

So I pledged to sort out my wardrobe (which is still blocked by pregnancy clothes), to continue certain projects and to actually wear my me made stuff three times a week. So lets have a look at some of the things that I have actually made for myself (as part of the sorting out the wardrobe pledge)

This is actually one of the first items I have sewn for myself (not counting some experiments as a teenager, for example the christmas tree outfit for carnival). I had used a Burda pattern, following my measurements and it turned out to be about three sizes too big. I wanted to donate it to a charity shop and make a new one but my lovely sewing teacher showed me a few tricks, most importantly making that little pleat in the neckline to bring the front in.


at the back, we made the darts longer, basically up to the neckline which was far too wide for my narrow shoulders.IMG_4867

I am pleased I had altered the initial one rather than making a new one and I would definitely still wear it but breastfeedingwise it is not quite  ideal:)

I would also love to wear the next one, but again, not exactly ideal for breastfeeding. This is the same pattern but modified to fit me (still needed to add that little pleat though).

IMG_2082s IMG_2098s

A couple of skirts which definitely don’t interfere with the feeding:

A super comfy one, using a pattydoo pattern:


Recognise the fabric? Great idea but never really fitted.


Another pattydoo skirt. Might make another one.


A pleated skirt made for my nieces baptism, when I was a little bit pregnant.

IMG_3598 Maternity Rock blau orangeThe aim is to turn it into a non-maternity skirt…. it actually still fits as I made it to be worn under the bump. But there was a pleat mistake on the side so I will have to redo it definitely. Or maybe turn it into a dress. I liked the fabric so much that I had bought the remnant piece when I saw it. It might be enough for a bodice.

And one pregnancy top. That one might actually still fit, it is just a bit long.


And then there is the fashion course dress. Not technically for me but also not for anybody else. But anyway, wool and too hot for now.


And the coat, lets not forget the coat:


Obviously too warm for now.

Let’s not forget about the knits:

3-in-1 by alfa design, still amazing, a bit tight these days but too hot anyway.


A summer top. This could actually work. Just not suitable for baby vomit as difficult to wash.


And then a handful of accessories:

IMG_0712 IMG_0713 IMG_1268 IMG_4472

Oh dear, oh dear, what have I been thinking. How will I be able to wear a me made item three times a week? I actually own more than I thought I would. I just didn’t realise how unsuitable they are (one of the big points of me made items… usually). I guess, I’ll have to move to the north pole for the rest of the month and start bottle feeding.

Scrap Sunday: 80s pop queen

In my surprise bag by Michas Stoffecke I got a piece of grey jersey with kind of sparkly stars. Not my thing but extremely cool for a 6 year old. 6 is not little anymore as we have recently discovered. 6 is the new 13.

Anyway, in the Klimperklein book there is this pattern for a simple skirt with ribbing at the waist and I thought this would actually give a great 80s trash pop look.IMG_4818



It is far from being my favourite piece of work but I think the fabrics and the pattern are a perfect match. And in combination with a sparkly Hello Kitty top definitely a perfect 80s look. Not that I would know what 80s are supposed to look like. I was obviously not there😉

Scrap Sunday: Remember how lucky you are

Do you sometimes need a reminder that actually you are a really happy person and should stop complaining about little things? I certainly do. I guess because I am Austrian. Austrians loooove moaning. We have lots of words for it. I am also quite good at wallowing in self-pity. Especially after tiring nights. And that is when I need a gently reminder that actually it is all good. Really good. I only seem to see that when I hear from other who aren’t as lucky as me.

Someone I actually don’t know that well just had a premature baby and I just wanted to make something nice for her.

I found two lovely freebooks for premature baby clothes but only used the one for the wrap cardigan.

IMG_4784IMG_4787 IMG_4786 It is incredible how tiny this piece is when you see it next to your healthy and well nourished 5 months old.

Clearly this is one of the more useful and meaningful ideas that I have ever published for Scrap Sunday and I will definitely enquire in the local hospitals to see if there is a need for premature baby clothes and what kind of donations they would want. It would be nice to know that actually some of these odd small pieces in my scrap box could make someone else happy.