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summer, sun and sew

Lots of sewing rather than knitting lately. I have been told to stop knitting on several occasions. It makes me tired apparently. According to one of the little persons in this household at least.

Anyway, I am currently planning my future (September) and have decided to take sewing a step further. There seems to be a huge gap between Level 1 and 2 in the college of my choice and as I want to skip the first one, I am actually really “studying” my fancy – unopened until now – sewing book to learn new techniques rather than making the zillionst simple little girls skirt…. by making the first simple big girl skirt for myself.

I was thinking since a long time to one day make a better version of my cheap but very comfortable tiered skirt and when I found a pattern / tutorial from the pattydoo-blog in my inbox I went for it. Finally.

Pattydoo is a great young German dressmaker, designer, blog writer, sewing tutorial creator,… and I am sure I will realise many more of her ideas. There is also a pattydoo designer where you can customize her designs before downloading the pattern and she would have just started her own line of fabrics (in cooperation with someone), just beautiful. But the delivery costs from Germany to the UK are still too high for such small orders…. This might sound silly coming from someone who lives a 5min walk from Shepherd’s Bush’s (London) fabric paradise but it really seems that those Germans have better fabrics (not just football)

Anyway, back to my skirt: It was simple and quick to make and it took me almost longer to take the pictures than sewing the skirt. I eventually gave up. That photography class was obviously a waste. Lets hope for a better outcome from the sewing class 🙂





busy (sewing) bee

So the super hero guinea pig has apparently been easy to guess, which I am very happy with as I had been worried it might just look like a fat mouse.

The other teachers became each a flower or a butterfly, either on a hairpin or as a brooch.

IMG_2142sAs you can see, I have also made two pairs of ear rings, easy peasy with my new crochet skills 🙂


They have all been very much appreciated.

After all those tiny knits lately, I am now looking for a bigger project but I am unsure what that should be, but I will only use yarn from my stash. Promised.

Other than that, I am trying to focus more on sewing lately and I can proudly present a finished dress… if you remember in one of my mistakes posts I was talking about a wrongly cut dress. Well, I am still planning on repairing that one soon but in the meantime I finished the second attempt and after a lot of altering the initial pattern which seems to be made for people with unusually large backs (or do I have an unusually narrow one?), here it is, just in time for the week of British summer 🙂 :



I am extremely pleased with it, but then I already knew nothing could go wrong with that fabric when I stumbled over it in one of the fabric shops in Shepherds Bush in West London…

Ok, a lot of things went wrong along the way but I finally made it (with lots of brilliant input from my lovely sewing teacher Esther).

Two people said, it reminded them of Mary Quant (who I had not known before that as a not-really-fashionista). Fine by me (now that I googled her) 🙂

I will still try to fix the discoloured and wrongly cut first attempt and it will be really interesting to see both next to each other. I wonder which one I will like best…


teacher’s pet

I am currently working on little somethings to thank the nursery teachers for putting up with taking care of my little darling. They will mainly get little butterflies or flowers which I will show in an other post but I made something special for the head teacher and wonder if anyone could actually guess what it is meant to be.

So, what do you think? What is this supposed to be? Without any hints or multiple choice options.







I would be most happy if anyone could guess what I have tried to achieve, so don’t hold back with our ideas.

In any case, the little fellow proved to be very popular in this house, I hardly managed to take a single picture without catching any thieves red handed 🙂

I am done

No more knitting. I am done with it.

Vase 09sOk, ok, there might me the occasional addition to my window display in the future, maybe a hungry caterpillar maybe another flower but for now I am done.

After the octopus flowers I was a bit unproductive and only managed to make a few more flowers and a few lovely mini beasts.

The improvised bee, as requested by my daughter:

bee 02

And two butterflies.

butterfly both sI was looking for patterns and could not quite decide which one of these two I prefer. The small and simple knitted one from Spud and Chloe or the crochet one following a video tutorial by nadelspiel.

I think the simple knitted one corresponds maybe more to my generally rather childish style and I have already gotten a firm request to make one of these to be fixed on a hair clip 🙂

The crochet one is beautiful (just as butterflies are) and it was another good crochet experience for me.

From a linguists point of view it is really interesting how much easier it is for me to refresh my almost inexisting crochet skills in German rather than English. Even though I do not remember how to make the different stitches, hearing the familiar words Staebchen and feste Masche has a very comforting effect. And I guess, following a very clear video tutorial is helpful too.

I decided to arrange two of the mini beasts rather close to the flowers.

bee and flowers s

butterfly knit window sThey might not be spotted from far away or from people just passing but they will be the fun little surprise for those who actually look at it properly. I really think having them there makes a lot of difference. The flowers are nice and people might even admire the knitting skills (if they can not knit at all) but discovering bee and butterfly will hopefully make them smile. Especially if they are on their way to the dentist next door 🙂

And just for those who think that I am always overcritical with myself: I think I should have planned the arrangement in advance rather than just putting them up when knitted up. They are not very well mixed colourwise nor specieswise. And as all tulips and roses are rather high up it is difficult to actually see the difference between them when standing on the pavement which is a bit of a shame because they are both made from very good and accurate patterns. But don’t worry, I am very pleased with the finished display. I just don’t know what to knit next… HELP!!!!