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Scrap Sunday: Neck Sock

Yes, a neck sock. Well, a neck warmer I guess, but when looking for ideas online, I discovered that the Germans call it apparently a “neck sock”.

Anyway, I wanted to make something for my lovely midwife and as she is a cyclist, I thought she might need something to keep her neck warm. Obviously I don’t do a simple neck sock made of a lovely fabric. So, I chose some fabrics that should remind her of all those lovely people around her. All these fabrics are left overs from clothes that I made for my children, her son, the sons of a very dear friend and you might also recognise my maternity shirt πŸ™‚


Even I realised that this combination would not be wearable in some people’s eyes so I combined it with some grey sweat.Β  I joined the squares in two sets of four and cut out four pieces following a pattern of olilu (I made it a few cm higher)


To make it slightly more complicated and the grey side a bit more exciting, I added an orange edge, a bit like piping but without a cord. A little trick: to make sure that I could sew the sides together easily, I only started the piping 2cm from the edge.


And voila: a smart grey neck warmer with a fancy orange edge….


… and a crazy lining with lots of memories … IMG_4188


And obviously you could wear the whole thing inside out as it is reversible.

I made two simpler ones for my children too. They obviously wear the colourful side outside and the boring sweat inside.

IMG_4224 IMG_4223

They are really practical. Actually, they are great when you have a baby in the sling. It keeps your neck warm without anything too bulky hanging over the baby nose. I always borrow my husband’s one which I had made him for Christmas:

IMG_4430I do wear it grey side out though. I don’t want to be seen with such a boyish fabric fabric πŸ˜‰

And just for the record, I made him a hat, too. With the fabric that he had requested when he had seen the hat for my nephew

IMG_4428perfect match, I know πŸ™‚


Scrap Sunday: just an update really

I am busy, really busy, a couple of things are in the making. Or finished. But there is no time to post. We seem to have decided on sleepless days for young man and sleepless nights for mummy recently.

So for today, just a couple of pictures about the yarn bombing project. Which is meant to be a stash busting project and therefore perfect for Scrap Sunday. Except for me, who had to buy acrylic yarn for this purpose.

work in progress, playing around with techniques to get a bigger variety for the tree


work in progress, made by assistant, picture taken by assistant too… I keep finding these interesting pictures of all sorts of things on my phone. Toys, furniture, siblings, selfies of the culprit, … and progress of knitting. I wonder where she gets that idea from.


a pile of “tree-clothes” made during the workshop


the tree itself


still one more week to knit and then it goes up. With a party in two weeks time.

Scrap Sunday: Yarn doll

When I created that big mess with my unwound skein of wool over Christmas, I suddenly remembered the yarn dolls we used to make in school.

As I then had hours of fun (well, not exactly hours and not exactly fun, but hours of fun sounds better) making some with my children and nephew and nieces (well, my daughter and my niece only, but a big crowd sounds better) using a model I had found online, I decided the world (well, not exactly the world, but you know by now how this works) is in need for not only a simple blog post on Scrap Sunday but also a tutorial (I am considering to post this again on Tuesday for Tutorial Tuesday) how to make a yarn doll.

To be honest, I don’t quite remember how we did this, I think not like the ones that I found online, so this is about my version plus what I have seen online and how a dear friend of mine used to make them (just the inspiration, I am far to lazy to even go and get the yarn out, let alone the camera)

All you need is scraps of yarn, scissors and something to wind up your yarn depending on the size of your doll (a book, a postcard or simply your hands).


Then, you wind the yarn around a book for a slightly bigger doll or a postcard or even just your fingers. The latter will result in a tiny strand of yarn (especially if you were using a child’s fingers), this would be good for the arms of the second type of dolls.


Carefully remove the book, making sure the yarn doesn’t collapse to a big mess. Tie a knot around the top to keep everything together and a round head.


Cut the whole bunch through opposite the knot to get open ends. You could do this at a later stage but I find it a bit easier.


Tie a knot around the whole bunch close to the top to form the head. You want a nice round and fairly firm shape. Not like in the next picture, that wasn’t mineΒ  πŸ™‚


Separate the ends into 4 portions to form arms and legs.


Tie knots around those 4 portions, leaving the legs longer than the arms.


Cut the ends to get neat feet and hands. Done.

WollpuppeA08I am not sure if this is how we did it, I have this vague memory of a pompom in connection with the doll. Maybe we used a pompom as a head. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

The versions I found online, use a separate strand to make the hands. So you will need a shorter one than for the body. You could do this by wrapping it around your fingers.


Bind off both ends for the arms and put the whole thing aside for a moment.


Make another doll body as before and bind off the head. For this model, I did not tie a knot at the top to keep the bunch together. As you can see, this results in a slightly floppy head.


Slide the arms through the body, just under the head.


Bind the body strand off, just under the arms to form the torso.


Form two legs and bind them off at the end.


Cut all the ends open to get neat arms and hands.


You could as well make a “skirt” version instead of the legs by not separating the strand. Another variety would be to pleat the strands. You can play with colours, having mixed strands or keeping them in one colour, using contrasting yarn to bind off the body parts. Oh the possibilities are endless. As I said. Hours of fun on these cold cold days.

My friend told me they made octopuses. One big head with 8 pleated legs. (Or arms?) The queen of yarn dolls. I might make one one day. But not today.





Scrap Sunday: The 2 months wrist warmers

As you might remember, shortly after giving birth two months ago, I started a quick and easy knitting project: wrist warmers for my cycling friend and midwife. Mid project, I decided to keep them for myself and make her a pair out of silk as it will be even more delicate. And who would deserve a delicate gift more than the woman who took care of me and the baby during pregnancy and after birth ? Plus, considering how long this was taking me, a woolen gift would not be appropriate anyway.

Soooo, 8 weeks later, the quick and easy project is finally finished πŸ™‚

IMG_4476 IMG_4477

Considering that the pictures have just been taken by a 6 year old who could barely hold up the camera, I think they are great. If you now even imagine a little bit of cool dark red nail polish and maybe, lets say, the sophisticated hands playing the piano … then the pictures are really amazing, no?

The yarn is a left over of my great woolen jumper from my favourite jumper designer atelier alfa (I have already bought the next pattern, I am just waiting for Mr Reflux to stop vomiting on me. Well and to give me time to knit more than a pair of wrist warmers in two months)

IMG_1739(Pathetic – I know – to post pictures from old projects! Clearly I am not able to produce enough presentable items these days)

The pattern is Gansey Wristers by Kallipi Aronis who has clearly had the time to put on that nail polish πŸ™‚ Great pattern and I have already started the silky version.