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aaaand another one

Guess what, Elaine is not alone!

As my children needed new hats, I have also been busy knitting hats. As every previous year it was a bit of trial and error, as I couldn’t find any useful information in my ravelry notes about hats from previous years. Just pictures but nothing about stitch numbers, yarn or needle size used.  So, I meant to do it slightly differently this year. And I wrote down all numbers. And made a chart. Only to discover sort of a pattern. And as the kick in the derriere I had already mentioned in my Elaine post was still fresh, I decided to write down this pattern, too and extend it to a range of sizes, one of them I even test knitted for a small baby head. I was too lazy to look for someone older to verify the missing bigger sizes.

Anyway, here comes Frederick – a not so glamorous but warm woolly hat with ear flaps. Just right for the ending season.

You’ll find the pattern on ravelry. It might be a little late for this season but the next winter will be coming at some point so you better get ready soon.

What you all have been waiting for. Or haven’t you?

Right, this is a knitting blog, remember? No? Well, at least I do remember. When I spent my 4 weeks no sewing machine detox rehab  I started a new knitting project, a scarf for my mum.  As I had high ambitions, I meant to write down everything I did to release a new pattern. Well, I started writing everything down from about the middle so I meant to think hard and write down everything I had done from the beginning to the middle at a later stage. And I can proudly say, the scarf is still not handed over. Finished and blocked since Christmas but still not handed over. Because I meant to write down everything, remember. And even more proudly I can tell you that I finally got the a kick in the derriere to sit down and think and calculate and reknit the beginning and wonder about funny numbers in the original half written down pattern and recalculate and say “i knew that can’t be right” and type up everything and add some wise and clever thoughts and really rubbish pictures and voila, here it is, the latest addition to my wide range of easy patterns.

Elaine – a simple scarf with a slip stitch selvedge edge and eyelets for a touch of glamour.




If you want to knit this scarf too, hop over to ravelry and download the pattern for free.

And you know what, this is not the only thing I have been up to.


Scrap Sunday: bare necessities

You are probably wondering why you haven’t heard from me in a while. Or probably you aren’t. In any case, I just came here to tell you that I am not able to post for another while. Because I am in internetfree land. Well internetdifficult land. I am currently in the middle of a 4 weeks sewing detox programme in the Black Forest in Germany. I meant to use this time to post about all those lovely things I made during a little sewing frenzy leading up to this detox stay. But uploading those pictures would take weeks. So I will wait and post them when back to civilisation.

However, as a good blogger, I do have a little Scrap project for you. I came here with a box of wool and needles. No one said anything about knitting detox. On the contrary, I thought it would be lovely to go back to knitting if I have to leave my sewing machine behind.

After a day or two here I realised that I often have nothing to carry keys, phone (to go to the only spot with reception, surprisingly near the Reception) and money so after a couple of days with a big cotton tote bag (initially my knitting bag), I knitted a small bag, using the scraps that I had brought for the children and their knitting fork)

Sorry for the star dust – it seemed appropriate for the idyllic Black Forest. And I am frankly just very proud of my recent discoveries on my phone. Well the little one showed me.

With my real knitting project, I did not get very far yet, due to a lack of time:

This is my project: a jumper for myself by Atelier Alfa.

This is how far I got in the last two weeks:

See you in a couple of weeks!




Time to look back

I haven’t been posting for a while. So I’ll start small. (I suppose before going on a break again 😉 )

I have watched quite a few “looking back at 2016” episodes of various shows and they all have in common that 2016 wasn’t a great year. I guess it wasn’t.

But I guess we are not getting out of this misery if we keep focusing on the negative, being worried it will all get worse. And voting for politicians and ideas that focus on fear and worries.  So lets all work together to make sure that 2017 will be a better year. I actually have Monty Python’s “Always look on the bright side of life” in my head, so lets all join in.

Since this is a crafting blog, I would like to start by sharing one little project that reunites a few good ( and bright) things knittingwise. I can’t save the world just in one blog post, sorry.

I just finished (and I do mean “just”, about 20min ago) another example of one of my favourite children jumper patterns: The little Rascals by Julia Stanfield.


It is a great ebook, offering you a huge choice of sizes, options like cardigan, jumper, sleeveless, collar, hood,…. I must have used it already 20 times at least:

Goodness, I just realised how far “looking back” in this case meant.5 years I guess.

As you can see, the latest member of the Little Rascal family features my new favourite “colour to combine with” grey. It might be a little bit lighter than in the picture.


I have used Lana Grossa Cool Wool Big. 100% merino wool and really super soft. It feels great and does not itch at all.

So, it is a rather unspectacular project but a combination of things to be happy about. So lets just all sing it again: “always look at the briiiight si-ide of life, da-dum, da-da-da-da-da-dum”