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What I meant to say….

Surprisingly having a new born (well, he really is a month already, so he has opened his eyes finally) does seem to reduce my time on the computer, sewing machine, knitting needles,… a tiny bit. So, what I meant to say/post…

+ on the first Sunday of advent:I hope you are all having a lovely advent, getting ready for Christmas.


This is our advent wreath. I bought the wreath and put the candles and the ribbon on myself. I guess, one can tell πŸ™‚

We have also put up the knitted wreath in the window (Note: I am reusing a lot of old pictures in this post. This year’s version had been put up in a rush – still took me two days in total – and therefore looks like a horse shoe with a bow, not worth a picture :))


+ on 1st December: Time to open the advent calendar:



This year, mummy got one, too. I thought I’d deserve it this year. I ordered it from VRENIding, a German online fabric and haberdashery shop. There was not only a choice of calendars but I could also give some information about the age of my children (as I went for the calendar “mum plus daughter and son”) but also likes and dislikes re colours, fabrics,….


I was very excited when the box arrived. I wish I could hang up my bags too. But that would be too tempting and there is simply no space.

Anyway, opening the first bag brought back some childhood memories πŸ™‚


But I have to admit, I didn’t quite get what the first item was, until my daughter explained it to me. Cookie cutter ok. But what was it? A rabbit? An alien with two heads? And what has this to do with sewing?

IMG_4231It’s scissors, mummy! of course. Silly me.

When I ordered the calendar, I took a slightly risky decision. After all it cost around 75 Euro as far as I remember. From a shop I had never ordered before. But so far, I am really pleased. We are only on day 7 and I got already 3 pieces of fabric and one piece of ribbing. I would say, not bad at all. Of course the fabrics are not huge so it might not always be straight forward to choose what to use them for. But then, for roughly 3 Euro per bag, I can not expect a meter of nice fabric each day. And I guess, it is almost like buying lots of scrap fabrics to make lots of scrap projects for Scrap Sunday πŸ™‚

+ any day really: I just wanted to post a picture of the trio of scrap cardigans as I have not only finished them but also given them to a special courier who will hopefully deliver them to the right babies.

First of all, the three blankets. Ours is the one with the red-orange border. It would have looked much better without the green centre. But I loved the green. And the two other blankets in our house have green in it. So it seemed like a clever idea. The purple turquoise one is my niece’s and the blue green one is my nephew’s.

For the cardigans, I used a slightly lighter blue than the dark one used in the boys’ blankets. I had ordered it as the second blue for ours but it was too close to the dark one. So it was enough for three cardigans and I almost completely used up the other colours. In fact, another orange stripe would have been perfect but I was short of half a row only and had to unravel to the last complete stripe.


And looking at the picture now, I realise that the contrast between the orange and the red is not quite strong enough. It would have been better to use the blue for the thin stripes, just as I did with the green version. Hmm. Never mind. He will never wear it anyway. He vomits far to much to be allowed a hand knitted woolen cardigan πŸ™‚

And I would have preferred green buttons for the green one. Why are there no decent green buttons? Anywhere? This is something I am wondering since a long time.

I have made these mainly whilst waiting for an overdue baby. Since he is born I have managed this much (knittingwise):


I meant to knit a pair of fingerless gloves for my lovely midwife. Considering that this is only the first one, winter might be over before I manage to finish the pair. I also find it slightly too big. If it was tighter, the pattern would come out much better, no? So I am actually considering to unravel the whole thing. Luckily I have at least made her a neck warmer already which I will show in the next post. Probably. But for now. Good night.





Scrap Sunday: Origami Purse

A couple of weeks ago I saw a cute little project on an Austrian sewing blog and I really wanted to try this Origami purse as a Scrap Sunday project. Luckily, there was a link to the original pattern and tutorial . A couple of days later, I had the perfect opportunity to make one for a friend as there was still some space in the envelope full of art work that my daughter intended to send to her.

We chose some green and blue fabrics (the friend’s favourite colours) , the green one is a piece of a so far untouched fat quarter that I had bought in a small shop in Oxford ages ago, the blue one you might actually recognise from the “designer dress”.

IMG_3693 IMG_3694 IMG_3695 IMG_3696

I was also very happy to finally get to use my kam snaps for the first time. I had bought them thinking they would be good for jersey but I was wrong. Anyway, they are definitely great for this kind of things. I find the purse rather cute and it is definitely a nice little something for the not so special occasion and it is most definitely the most useful thing the world has ever seen. And this is why I quickly made one for my husband as well. My children have already been complaining why I never make anything for daddy. So before starting the big project of a short sleeved raglan shirt for him, I made him a purse for coins or head phones or whatever in the colours of his two favourite footballl teams (for lack of neutral or manly fabrics). Oh the joy in his face when I presented it to him! I can’t even describe it! He didn’t even know what to say! Just what I had expected πŸ˜‰ And I am almost certain that he keeps showing it off to his friends who are now all really jealous and want one too. What a successful little project!

IMG_3697 IMG_3698 IMG_3701The stripy fabric is actually a left over from a play pen cover I made years ago. And you will see it again very soon in a few blog posts about amazing dressing up things. So watch this space! πŸ™‚



The yoga bag story – that project I could not talk about and a give away

“Why is she suddenly making yoga bags? Wasn’t this a knitting blog? What is she talking about?” you might be thinking.

Well, it all started with a request from a friend who has opened his own yoga studio back home. He asked me if I would be interested in making bags which he could sell in his studio. This idea came at the right time. I was just thinking to look for shops in the area who would be interested to sell my (mainly knitted) stuff and I was also considering to expand my range to small make up bags as I would be able to use all those cute printed fabrics creeping out of my fabric boxes.

Now, obviously a yoga bag is not quite the tiny cute make up bag but it was a much more real thing.

So I set to work, went to look for suitable fabrics, made design sketches, asked my friend plenty of practical questions and made a calico bag. I then enthusiastically started to cut out a coated cotton (some of them will be made of coated cotton, some out of normal one) and when I had cut out enough for three bags, I suddenly realised a big mistake in my design: The initial yoga bag had a seam at the bottom of the bag but as you carry it on your bag like a quiver, the bottom of the bag will actually be the exposed side. So in that case, it would be a shame if there was a seam.

I still made one of them up but in the meantime I adjusted my design for the cotton ones and set to work.

If you want to know more about the bags (size, material, process of making one,…, please go to the yoga bag section by clicking on the link in the top menu.

To celebrate the start of this new and exciting adventure, I have several goodies for you.

First of all, I will be giving away the coated cotton one with the back seam.


The fabric itself is waterproof but the seams are not taped or anything. So it will be fine in normal wet weather on your way to your yoga session but it will most likely not keep your yoga mat dry when you were walking through torrential rain for four hours.

Inside, the bag is fully lined and it has a small bag for your phone, keys,… which you can actually remove and take with you (sorry no picture taken)

If you want to enter the competition, please respect the following rules:

1. Everybody who does not live in the same household as me is allowed to enter the competition. (I really do not want my husband to go to his training with this flowery bag).

2. Leave a short comment in the comment box below. This is just to give your name a number.

3. The competition will be open until Wed, 26 November 2014 8am (London time)

4. will then chose the winning number.

5. I will contact the winner by email and inform everybody in a post.

6. And obviously there will be no right of appeal. If you do not trust me or just don’t take part πŸ™‚

For all the others who did not win or are not keen on that particular style, please don’t be sad. I will put my first two other bags in my etsy shop for the introductory price of Β£15 pounds which will just about cover the cost of the material for one bag.

These will be the introductory offer bags (but please give me a bit of time, I do promise to hurry up – as you can see, for the second one there is still a bit of work to do, not just the listing on etsy πŸ™‚







Scrap Sunday – make up bag

IMG_2479If you are following this blog since a while, you might think: Has she not been showing us that before? Is she reusing posts already in the second week of her challenge? No, I am not. But well done for recognisingΒ  the fabrics as I have used exactly those for my skirt a while ago πŸ™‚

If, however, you have no clue what I am talking about, go back and read this blog properly, there might be a written exam next week!

So, I have used a lovely pattydoo pattern to make this little bag, entirely made of material I already had at home, even the zip was somewhere in my zip collection.

It really is made out of many little pieces and I will certainly make a few more of those, I think they make a lovely gift.

But I do have a little problem with it. (I can see some of you (you know who you are!) rolling their eyes about me being overly fussy about little details.)

Actually the box pleats aren’t shown off properly because it has a lining with interfacing which makes the inside rather stiff and strong. IMG_2480So even if you fill the bag with something, it will not pop out the pleats, which is a bit of a shame because you can not really see the fabric hiding behind the pleats unless you pull them apart (which I did for the first two pictures).

IMG_2481I think I have two options to get to my desired effect:

I could cheat and leave a little gap between the pleats so the background fabric always shows.

Or I leave out the strengthening interface and make the lining a bit bigger than the actual bag. So when it gets filled, there will be room to push out the pleats naturally. I think this is my first choice. It is only a small bag and not meant to hold heavy things anyway. So I will see how this goes and keep you updated.